Best of Beauty 2021

Once a beauty blogger, always a beauty blogger? A couple of years back, working part time at a beauty magazine, my makeup stash was BIG, my cabinets full and I tried and used lots and lots of beauty products. Since then, my minimalist ambitions slowly but surely found its way to include my beauty drawers as well.

This year, I’ve really tried to shop my stash, using up my “old” makeup and skincare, before trying new. Today I’ve listed my favourites – from masks to scrubs to lippies and perfumes. Scroll down to see all my favourites!

Frama perfume oil / Diptyque Canelle / NARS Soft matte concealer / The Ordinary Retinol in Squalane

Hourglass lip stylo / Make the Make Liquid Blush / Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer / Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Foundation / Codage Exfoliating Balm / Victoria Beckham Beauty Posh Lipstick

Sunday Riley Ice cream / Klairs Essence / Mantle Calm Balm

That’s it guys! These are the products I’ve used and loved throughout the year of 2021. I’d love to hear your thoughts – are many of my favourites yours too?

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