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New In 2021: Best and Worst Purchases

Who else likes to take some time at the end of December to go through your closet – see if anything needs to go, which items you wore the most, what you bought? Let’s summarize this year’s shopping! My philosophy: to consciously adding new additions to my wardrobe (as creating the perfect wardrobe is a life long journey). Here’s my great, and not so great, purchases of 2021.

The love for a classic cashmere knit
Will I wear it forever? Even if my style changes and wardrobe always evolving, getting better and more curated piece by piece, as I get older (and I’d like to think so, wiser), I’ll always return to my core items. Like the cashmere knit – there’s nothing like classic, soft, cosy cashmere. A simple, rounded crew neck, long sleeves, the oversized fit – I wear it everyday, with everything. When my favourite & Other Stories knit I bought +8 years ago literally fell apart (I wore it to death!) I imediately went looking for a new one. When The Curated asked me if I wanted to try something from their collection – I went for their classic cashmere knit. I LOVE it. Shop it here.

The ‘chic librarian’ look
Back in October, I bought this cropped, knitted sweater vest by Arket. I love its tight fit. A bit 70s. Very ”dark academia” or librarian core. I love the idea of dressing like a chic librarian! As it’s a bit shorter than my other one, this vest is perfect paired with my favourite high-waisted skirt and Levi’s ’Ribcage’ jeans.

The square Alberville’s
I’ve always loved a pointy-toe flat shoe but I guess even a conservative need to change every now and then?! This year, I kept coming back to the squared-toe flats Alberville kindly gifted to me.

And speaking of squared-toed flats..
Best shoe purchase of 2021 – the square-toed ballet flat by Balenciaga. A ’goes with everything’ kind of shoe, chic and at the same time soft like slippers. A second hand find via Labels we love.

Reuse, reduce, recycle – remake?
Sometimes your most treasured items are not the ones with the fancy designer logo, but the ones you made yourself! Like this bag I found at a thrift store and then painted black – not really a DIY but sort-of-DIY? I bought a leather do-it-yourself kit online and went all in. It was easy, turned out great, and it was FUN! From now on when second hand shopping, I’ll not steer away from non-black items. If I like the shape, look etcetera, I could just dye them!

Pretty, but too big, Bottegas in the perfet straw bag

The ‘petite’ straw bag
2021 must be the year of the straw bag – I’ve almost forgotten how it is to run around wearing a designer bag? I love the simple, effortless feel of a simple, chic straw bag. The most care-free accessory? It brings something effortless to each outfit. This year I finally added a petite straw bag to my collection, by Gröna Gredelina.

The Totême belted army jacket
A chic, elegant piece that fit perfectly with my spring and autumn capsules. Can’t wait to wear it more!

*THAT* Arket shirt and bikini
For summer, I love showing a bit of skin. This year, I wore my black Arket linen shirt tied in the front to show a bit of waist. I guess taking something away could be a way of accessorizing, too?

Finally – a not so great luxury purchase: the Bottega flats
Let me tell you a sad story about a very, very expensive impulse second hand purchase.. I bought these beautiful woven leather Bottega flats at Vestiaire in the beginning of the year, thinking I’d love them. And I did! And I still do. They’re beautiful; I love the classic woven pattern, the signature for Bottega leather goods. The only problem: they’re a bit too big, so I don’t reach for them.. Note to self: never buy expensive shoes online! Especially not from a vintage site as there’s no return policy… Anyone with a size 41 looking for a great pair of Bottega’s?!

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